Meet Our Staff

Sefertt Health Care understands the needs of clients and will provide the utmost care possible. We have a culturally diverse professional staff that is well-trained, thoroughly experienced and compassionate.

Mathew Amusan

Mathew Amusan PhDDirector of Administration

Lois Amusan

Lois Amusan Public Health Nurse/Director of Nursing

Sandra Kennedy

Sandra Kennedy Licensed Nurse

Jenny Bickford

Jenny Bickford Registered Nurse

Witeh Esoe

Witeh Esoe Registered Nurse

Corretta Ngoh

Corretta Ngoh Licensed Nurse

Mary Aban

Mary AbanLicensed Nurse

Bouldwin  Ehohmbi

Bouldwin Enohmbi Licensed Nurse

Stephanie Vensland

Stephanie Vensland Licensed Nurse



We will provide the utmost care possible…